Cascade Snow Removal has been providing professional snow removal services in Serene Lakes since 1999. Cascade Snow Removal was created after we saw a dramatic need for a more reliable service. We in fact, wanted to provide an alternative to the heavy and damaging equipment used by other companies.  We were one of the first companies to bring the lightweight “Trackless” tractors with a “Pronovost” blower to Serene Lakes that not only could keep up during large storms with speed and efficiency; but also left a cleaner looking driveway and property with clean sharp snow removal lines.

In our first year we had one machine and just five driveways. By giving fast, reliable, and high quality service we have grown substantially, upgrading our fleet to seven tractors & one compact wheel loader.  In 2011 we purchased new state of the art XX Blowers from Snoquip in Sacramento. These new blowers do a much better job of scraping the snow to decrease or eliminate the snow pack in our customers’ driveways. Our equipment is extremely well maintained. We pride ourselves on our proactive machinery services and our careful operators to minimize breakdowns during snow events.

What sets us apart, is our outstanding customer service. The simple fact we care about our customers and their driveways.  Although our contracts state at least one plow per snow day, it is common for us to clear our customers driveways and/or berms multiple times on a big snow day. Over the years we have tried to learn the route patterns of the Placer County plows. Sometimes they try to switch it up on us but we pride ourselves on minimizing the inconvenience of the notorious “berm”.  We understand this is a customer service business and constantly work to give our customers the most professional and responsive service possible. No bankers hours for Cascade Snow Removal. We are up and working at 3:00 am; and we work until the job is done. We never take Holidays off.

In this high tech world we live in today we are committed to offering a variety of tools to which our clients to have access. We are radio dispatched!!  When you call the office line there is always someone to answer your call during storms who can reach a driver directly. Due to the limited cell reception in the area, we have found  this to be an amazing asset. There is nothing worse than calling a snow removal service during a storm and getting an answering machine or voice message. We have a facebook page where you can ‘follow’ us for regular updates and pictures.  We also send email updates from time to time on road, snow and weather conditions.  Email has also been a great tool by which we contact our customers when we notice issues with their homes.   We pride ourselves on knowing each homeowner by name and their individual snow removal needs.