When will you plow my driveway?
Our contracts state we “will clear your driveway area, leaving enough room for at least 2 vehicles, on days spelled out in this contract, a minimum of one time every 24-hour period when 4 inches or more of snow has accumulated on your driveway and after Placer County has cleared the roads.”  We have been known to go out when there is as little as 2-3 inches, sometimes before the County and we definitely go out multiple times a day during a storm.  We will often go back and clean up the berm.


Do I need to buy snow stakes or poles?
No there is no need for you to run out and buy stakes or PVC poles.  Cascade Snow Removal will purchase and place all of these.  This is good news for you the homeowner because if one is broken or eaten, we replace it at our expense.


How close can you get to my garage door or stairs?
Once again our contract states “within 4 feet of garage door or vehicles, or as close as obstacles permit.”  But we strive to come as close as we can without hitting anything or causing any damage. Depending on the operator we may even get as close as two feet.


Why is it that sometimes there is a large pile of snow in front of my garage door or stairs after you have plowed?
If the snow is wet the blowers tend to push more in front of it.  We make sure our operators do not go too close to garage doors when the snow is this wet as it can push garage doors off tracks.  Please take a moment to shovel this heavy snow away before you drive on it as it will turn into an unmanageable ice berm.


Do you have office hours?
No.  We have a home office and are often there, but during storm periods our 530-426-9500 number will be answered 24 hours a day.


What time do you start plowing?
We try to start our routes between 3am and 4am and strive to finish our first pass by 8am.  Sometimes this may depend on the county plows.  If for safety reasons we delay starting our routes, or there is just too much snow for us to get around until the county clears the road, we will update our facebook page to let all our customers know what is going on.  If you don’t have facebook, there is always someone around to answer your questions via the office phone.


Why does there seem to be an ice pack in my driveway?
Typically ice will build up in a driveway if people play, walk or drive over the snow before it has been cleared from the driveway.  We encourage people not to play in the driveway or drive over the berm if they can help it.  To minimize this ice pack we have purchased XX Blowers which do a great job of scraping the ice pack.


I only come up on weekends and it is normally late on a Friday night will I be able to get into my driveway if I pay for weekend service?
We offer two main contracted services.  The Weekend / Holiday service does include Fridays.  In fact we guarantee to have our weekend driveways done by Thursday night at 6pm.


My kids are on the Ski Team and we need to be at Sugar Bowl by 8am.  Will we be able to get out?
We love to cater to our customer’s individual needs.  If you need to get out early we will be sure our drivers know that.


I’m a Ski Patroller at Sugar Bowl and need to be able to get to work by 6:30am. Can you make sure I can get out of my driveway?
Once again we love being able to accommodate all our customers.  We try particularly hard to be sure you can get out of your driveway so you can get to work on time.


What is your policy on berm removal?
Even though ‘berms’ created by Placer County’s snow plows are not part of our ‘contract’ we try very hard to removal them as soon as we can.  We try our very best to know the county’s snow removal routes, but there will be times when they are required to change things up and you may have to shovel your berm to get out.


I am really particular about my driveway.  Can you be careful?
We take great pride in all our driveways and do the best we can to take care of them.  We run “Trackless” tractors which are considerably lighter than the large front end loaders and therefore don’t do as much damage.  In the fall we take pictures of driveways, noting particular areas of concern and will walk through with you, your specific needs.


What do I do if the County creates a berm after you have been by?
One thing we would like to strongly suggest is that you not drive over it but try and shovel a small area so you can get out.  Although we try very hard to anticipate the county’s snow removal routes, sometimes they can change and it may take us a little longer than it has in the past to get to you.  If you need to get out in an emergency and cannot clear the berm yourself, please give us a call and we will dispatch a driver there as quick as we can.


What do I do if you plow my driveway and my car was in the way?
Because we don’t expect you to come running out and move your car at ‘o dark thirty’ in the morning when we first come by we will often go around a second time later in the morning  to clean up your driveway.  We do ask that if you see that we have been by, please move your car to the cleared spot if you have one so we can clean up the area where you were parked. If you are awake early or see us during the daylight hours please signal to the driver and we will wait for you to move your car. Having a clear driveway will make life easier for everyone.


How much insurance do you carry?
We are a fully licensed and insured Snow Removal company.  We carry a $2,000,000.00 liability policy and all of our employees are covered by worker’s compensation.


You have asked for my email address you don’t sell these do you?
Absolutely not.  The reason we ask for your email address is we have found it is easier to contact people by email when we see issues with their homes.  We also give regular weather updates, road condition updates or just general community information via email.  We don’t share your email with anyone, everyone is bcc’d!


Can I pay by credit card?
We accept Credit Card payments via PayPal.com.  Please submit your payment to cascadesnowremoval@gmail.com and be sure to note your physical address and our invoice number.