Summer Services

Extend the life of your asphalt! Sealcoating is a fast, cost effective way to preserve and protect the life of your driveway. Over time, an unprotected asphalt surface will lose its rich black color due to oxidation, weathering, water infiltration, chemical or oil leakage, and snow removal operations. Oxidation happens when oxygen in the air and water chemically attacks the asphalt binder causing it to breakdown.  Sealcoating simply helps prevent the effects of sun, snow, ice, vehicle fluids, and wear. Asphalt that is sealed correctly on a regular basis looks better and lasts longer.

For all driveways we first remove dirt and debris by using a Stihl backpack blower. We then use either a shovel or pick to expose the edges of the asphalt to ensure total coverage.  Some weeds or small bushes may need to be cut back at this point.  Next we pressure wash your driveway to remove all remaining dirt and pollen to ensure maximum adhesion of the sealer and any necessary crack filling.

Areas of your driveway that are stained from oil may need an oil spot primer to help the sealer adhere to these areas. Untreated oil stains are more likely to bleed through the newly applied seal coating. We use an oil-spot primer recommended by RaynGuard.  MSDS available on request.

Although asphalt is waterproof, the stresses of use, neglect, improper base, improper installation and weather conditions can create cracks, making crack filling a first line defense in your routine asphalt maintenance. We use Crafco Superflex HT which is an asphalt based flexible product applied at approximately 380 degrees Fahrenheit. It resists cracking in the winter and is resistant to tracking in summer. Crack filling will once again help prevent the deterioration that water and moisture seepage can bring and allow the pavement to expand and contract during freezing and thawing that is common in our mountain climate. MSDS available on request.

We use the petroleum based product OverKote manufactured by Raynguard, a Sacramento based company. OverKote is a composition of refined petroleum asphalt emulsion. This cold applied resurfacing and sealing material is ideally suited for driveway and parking lots. An industry-leading product for over 30 years OverKote is a distinctive formula containing only the highest quality materials and additives. The components of OverKote ensure that each batch produced is of a deep long lasting color with maximum durability and toughness. We add a 2% Latex additive to our emulsion mix for more protection. MSDS available on request.

This is offered at half the cost of the first coat and is highly recommended for driveways that have not been sealed on a regular bases. It has proven to add durability and life to your driveway.