"This is our fourth year using Cascade. They have been great. During the BIG winter they worked day and night, never falling behind. Their new equipment does a super-clean job. When it's really snowing they come by multiple times a day. We are very happy with them."
Dan & Diana
"After more than a decade of fantastic service, even when the snow was covering the power lines, Cascade Snow Removal kept our driveway clear and and berm-free every day of the week! The latest green machines from Cascade Snow Removal shave the snow right down to the bare pavement and right up to the garage door with the gentle precision of a master barber."
Dan & Emily, Serene Lakes
"Just wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU to Karen and Carrie for coming to the rescue when an ENORMOUS tree fell on the side of our house during our last big storm. The dedication they have to the Serene community is unparalleled.”
Shandon, Serene Lakes
"Thanks Cascade. It was much appreciated this morning.”
Jim, Serene Lakes
"As full time residents at Serene Lakes our snow removal becomes essential on work mornings. We have been with Cascade for many years and plan on staying with them forever!! They are always there to remove the counties berm that blocks the end of our driveway preventing us from going to work. And, during big storms our driveway is cleared multiple times. I'm always impressed with their continued investment in the latest machinery which scrapes the snow AND ice down to my asphalt so that we are always safe to walk our drive without fear of falling. When I hear the beep beep beep of the green machine, I know all is right with the world. Thank you Cascade."
Adeline & Leslie, Serene Lakes