Winter Services

We operate a large fleet of late model and proactively serviced machines to handle the biggest of snowstorms on Donner Summit with fast and reliable service. The three-day storm with eight feet of snow is no match for our fleet of tractors and friendly, knowledgeable, and highly skilled staff. We are radio dispatched and can have a driver to your home in minutes in most cases if you are inconvenienced by the snow or the notorious “berm”. We have seven Trackless tractors with state of the art Snoquip XX blowers, and a 2010 Caterpillar compact wheel loader with either an 8 foot blade or bucket.  Currently our driveway to plow ratio is less than 40-1.

We also have four Honda Snow blowers for decks and paths, and a variety of plastic shovels & scoops to handle the more delicate handwork that comes after the storm cycles.

Our daily contract is our most popular service and simply means we are clearing your driveway every day it snows and in most cases multiple times a day. Our contract states we come out when four inches of snow has fallen, but we quite often clear driveways with less than that.

Our weekend/holiday contract is unique in the fact that we guarantee you a clear driveway by Thursday evening at 6:00pm. This service also includes Friday, Saturday & Sunday as well as all Holiday periods. This driveway service is less expensive than the daily contract.

This service allows the occasional winter visitor access to their driveway. We ask for an upfront contract with this service so we can properly stake the driveway. The cost is $200.00 per hour and the amount of time and equipment used will depend on the amount of snow in the driveway.  We can give an estimate for each individual request. We ask for 24 hours notice if possible.

This service is available to anyone in the Donner Summit area at a cost of  $150.00 per hour and will be estimated for each individual job. We ask for 48 hours notice if possible but we may be able to accommodate requests more quickly.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available after storm cycles have ended to clear the snow from your decks, paths, stairs and propane tanks. This is offered at a rate of $40.00 per man-hour and we usually work in crews of two.